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HearingNow offers you a large range of hearing aids and assistive listening devices (ALD) from major manufacturers including Widex, Phonak, Signia, ReSound and Starkey at the best price. Whether you are after rechargeable hearing aids, invisible hearing devices, hearing aids that connect directly to your smartphone or more basic, set and forget aids, we have the latest hearing solutions, tailored to your need.

Because HearingNow is owner-operated, our advice on your choice of hearing aids is 100% unbiased. That means we can offer you a wide range of hearing aids available and recommend the best hearing product for your listening needs at the best price. As an independent hearing care provider we have very little overhead, meaning we are able to provide the most competitive price for the very same hearing aids that you buy from high street chains such as Boots and Specsavers.  We provide lifetime care and after-sales support for all our hearing aids. Most of the hearing aids we provide come with 4 years manufacturer warranty.

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We confidently provide:

  • The latest, smallest, invisible and most discreet hearing aids at the best competitive price

  • Rechargeable models are so easier to manage, less susceptible to breakdown and more cost-effective in the longer term

  • Direct connectivity between hearing aids and your smartphone opens up a whole new world of hearing opportunities, greater functionality and flexibility, with you in control of your hearing

  • 30-day money-back guarantee on all hearing aids

  • FREE after-care for the lifetime of your hearing aids (4 years) – so no more reaching into your wallet every time your hearing aid needs adjusting.

Your Choices of Hearing Aids

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Have A Question About Hearing Aids?

They are expensive, do you need a private hearing aid, or maybe the NHS hearing aids are good enough?! Continue reading to learn more about hearing aids, why they are expensive and how to choose the one that works for you budget-wise and hearing-wise.


Frequently Asked Questions About
Hearing Aids

Why hearing aids are so expensive?

A pair of hearing aids could be in the range of £500 to £4000 in the UK. Their basic function is to amplify the surrounding sound to compensate for the amount of your hearing loss in each specific frequency. However, the latest ones are extremely intelligent, meaning they are loaded with advanced electronics and algorithms that need millions of research and development funding to develop and build. They are extremely discrete, compact light and durable. As with any other purpose-built instrument for the medical and health sector, they need to check and pass several health certificates and standards. Unlike other consumer electronics like your TV or your fridge they only serve a specific group of consumers. And last but not least usually they are supported with several years of free care service. Given their average lifetime of 5-7 years and their ability to have a positive impact on your health it is only fair to see purchasing hearing aids as investing in your health.

Are NHS hearing aids useful?

As part of its mandate, NHS in the UK provides free hearing aids for the patients. The aids could come from different brands depending on the NHS trust and the contract they have with different manufacturers. However, generally, the hearing aids offered to the patients by the NHS are not top of the line. Providing top of the range hearing aids would cost NHS a fortune hence the only practical option to provide such a service to hearing-impaired patients nationwide is to provide the basic level of the technology of the hearing aids. The hearing aids provided by the NHS would help patients to hear well in a quiet environment. They take batteries that need replacement about every 7 days (depending on the usage and hearing loss). They are only available in 2 different colours and they are a bit larger than the private hearing aids. They can only be offered by the AQP (any qualified provider) in the BTE model (behind the ear),

Are NHS hearing aids helpful?

The biggest complaint about NHS hearing aids is that they are not able to help the wearer with speech intelligibility in the presence of babble noise. In the other words, the NHS hearing aids are not helping much to hear the conversation better in places such as coffee shops, pubs and restaurants.

Where can I get a pair of free NHS aids?

Most of the NHS trusts in the UK have outsourced the service of hearing tests and fitting of the hearing aids to the private sector they call AQP (any qualified provider). Specsavers and Boots are two of the well known AQPs. All you need is to call your GP and ask for a referral letter to the nearest AQP to your address.

Do I really need hearing aids?

When it comes to your health the best advice is to leave it to the domain experts. If you feel that your hearing has gone down, the TV volume is louder than before, you need to ask people to repeat themselves, you have a hard time following the conversation in the presence of noise (e.g. pubs and restaurants), the best advice is to see a qualified audiologist. Only after a complete hearing test, you could receive proper advice as to whether you need hearing aids, what type, etc. To start, you can try our free online hearing test to get a feel about your hearing.

Why should I consider private hearing aids?

NHS hearing aids can help you hear better in a quiet environment. However, they fall short to help you hear better in the presence of background noise. No matter what age you are, you need to keep stimulating your brain. Stimulation of the brain happens when we flood it with information, mainly from our 5 basic senses. Hearing is one of the most important of our senses as what you hear can bring up old memories and warm feelings of our past experience. Remembering our memories involve substantial brain activity that stimulates. Such a chain of thought could be a voice, a piece of music or the crackling of leaves under your feet on an autumn day. Your brain will be at a much higher level of stimulation when you are engaged in a conversation. So the ability of your hearing aids in helping you to hear better and follow the conversation could help keep stimulating your brain that could ultimately reduce the chance of memory loss and dementia. Therefore when screening hearing aids to purchase we always recommend the ones that can help you hear better in challenging soundscapes such as pubs, restaurants and coffee shops.

What features do brand hearing aids have over the NHS aids?

The private or brand hearing aids could have one or several of the following advantages over the NHS hearing aids:

  1. They have a more advanced sound processor, hence their sound quality is much better than the NHS hearing aids

  2. They have superior ability in reducing the background noise especially in challenging soundscapes such as restaurants and social events

  3. They can be in different models that fit your lifestyle and comfort e.g. RIC (receiver in the canal), BTE (behind the ear), CIC (completely in the canal, or invisible), 

  4. They can be battery operated or rechargeable

  5. They can connect to your smartphone, tablet, TV and stream audio straight to your ears

  6. They are usually smaller and come in a variety of colours

Where best to buy private hearing aids?

You can receive a free hearing test and purchase brand hearing aids from two groups of providers:

a. High street nationals such as Boots and Specsavers

b. Private local audiologists

Buying your brand hearing aids from local audiologists such as HearingNow have a few advantages:

  1. Unbiased advice: Unlike national high street providers the local independent audiologists do not have ties with a specific manufacturer hence you receive an unbiased view from an independent audiologist on the choice of the technology, the brand and the features of the hearing aid. Specsavers only offer Signia, Phonak and their own Advance hearing aids that is a low-level version of Unitron technology. Boots's hearing care is owned by Phonak hence when purchasing your private from Boots your options are only limited to Phonak.

  2. Lower price: The cost of the operation for a local independent audiologist is much less than those for high street national hearing aids providers such as Boots and Specsavers, Part of the price that you pay for your brand hearing aids goes toward the executives, directors and extensive support staff of a large organisation such as Boots and Specsavers. In practice you are paying for fat salaries and bonuses of the overhead of such large organisations, otherwise, the very same Phonak Paradise P90 will be the same if you purchase it from an independent audiologist or from Boots. 

  3. Superior service: A small family-owned restaurant treats each and every one of its customers will full attention. The service quality and the level of personal attention you receive from a local restaurant or a local coffee shop is much better and more personalized than McDonald's or Costa Coffee. In the same way, the level of details, technical expertise and professionalism that you receive from a local independent audiologist is much higher and better than that you receive from a high street national. Recent 2021 Which survey on the best hearing aids in the UK revealed that the multi-store national high street hearing cares are ranked at the bottom almost in all categories, and as expected the independent audiologists secured top ranks in almost all service categories.

What hearing aids do HearingNow offer?

We are an official representative of major hearing aids manufacturers including Widex, Phonak, Signia, ReSound GN and Starkey. You receive a very competitive price and extended warranty on your hearing aids when you buy them from an official and licensed representative. 

Do you make earmould for your customers?

Yes, we do take impression of your ear canal and we order a pair of ear moulds for your hearing aids if required.

What are the benefits of purchasing my hearing aids from HearingNow?

We are an official representative of major hearing aids manufacturers in the UK including Widex, Phonak, ReSound GN and Starkey. When buying from Hearing Now you receive:

  • Unbiased advice on the choices and the best price for hearing aids

  • Free comprehensive hearing test and fitting at the comfort of your home

  • Extended manufacturer warranty

  • Lifetime free aftercare for the aids (over the warranty period)

I have lost my hearing aids, do you work with my insurance company?

We work with select insurance companies. If you live in South London and you have lost your hearing aids, speak to your insurance company about a replacement at very competitive prices offered by HearingNow. We fit your new hearing aids at your residence.

How can I insure my hearing aids?

Just like any valuable item in your house you better insure your hearing aids in case you lose them. Most of the insurance policies allow the policy holder to include personal belongings in the policy. We strongly suggest that you include your hearing aids in your home insurance policy.

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