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Phonak Support

This page provides resources and links that could help you with your Phonak hearing aids:

  • Routine maintenance 

  • Connectivity and streaming

  • Using the Phonak  app

  • Other technical issues

  • Remote support and telecare

Please contact our customer support if you need any help with the Phonak product that you purchased from HearingNow.

Phonak hearing aids support and links - HearingNow
Keep in mind
  1. You can contact us at to ask for a copy of your receipt of payment and a copy of your Phonak fitting report.

  2. Please notice that your Phonak hearing aids may not be fully charged (if rechargeable). Also, batteries are not in the provision of the sales of your hearing aids and need to be purchased by the patient. 

  3. Please notice a pack of Phonak silicon domes (sometimes two packs in different sizes) and a pack of disposable wax guards are in the box.  Try different size domes (if provided in different sizes) for the best fit; push them in as much as possible. Often better to wiggle them as the ear canal often is not straight. Domes should feel comfortable in your ear canal, not too loose or tight.  If they are too loose try the bigger size dome. If too loose there is a chance of hearing feedback (whistling). The domes can be replaced about every 6 months.

  4. The wax guards of your Phonak hearing aids must be replaced only if the little speaker that goes into your ear canal is plugged in by earwax. Daily cleaning of the domes with a damp wipe would warrant the smooth operation of your Phonak hearing aids and avoid frequent replacement of the wax guard. Please refer to the small brochure in your box or the Phonak website for tips on cleaning your hearing aids

  5. Please notice that your Phonak hearing aids are registered with Signia UK for 5 year UK warranty and aftercare (1-year International warranty)

  6. Please follow this link to connect your Phonak hearing aids to your smartphone and the myPhonak app. This is required if you need to book online support and reprogramming

  7. We always emphasise safeguarding your Phonak hearing aids against loss and theft. You can get an insurance policy for your hearing aids through our partner, or by adding your hearing aids under Personal Belongings in your Home Insurance Policy so you can claim the cost of a replacement in case you lose them. 

  8. Any questions, please get back to us immediately. We are here to help.

How to connect your Phonak hearing aids to your smartphone?

Sometimes, for no obvious reason, our clients report that they no longer have their phone calls coming through their hearing aids, or their hearing aids aren’t recognized by the myPhonak App.  In most cases, this can be explained by a loss of Bluetooth pairing.

This can happen when there has been an update to the software that runs your phone (which may run in the background, so you are unaware it has even occurred), or to the app itself.  Or perhaps, an inadvertent foray into the settings of your phone has been to blame.  Technophiles may understand the ins and outs of other situations that cause this problem, but perhaps it’s easiest to say, sometimes we (the audiologists and hearing aid users) just can’t put our finger on why the connection has been dropped.

The good news is that it is very easy to restore the full connectivity functions.  We have provided step-by-step instructions here.  Please take note that it is critical that each step be completed in the order given.

If you still have problems, please give us a call and we will be happy to either talk you through these steps or have you come into the clinic and we will re-pair your hearing aids to your phone for you.


If you have never previously had your hearing aids paired, follow these instructions:

  • Make sure that you have the MyPhonak app installed on your phone

  • Go to your phone settings, and choose Bluetooth

  • Turn your right hearing aid off (not the left one) and then on again and place it beside your phone.  Once it shows up in the options, select the right Phonak hearing aid.  Once paired it will say R Phonak Hearing Aid Connected

  • Go to the myPhonak app.

  • Restart both hearing aids – turn them off and then on again and place them beside the phone, press continue; once the phone has found both hearing aids press “select”.  Bluetooth Pairing Request – press “Pair”.  Pairing complete.

  • To check that the instruments are correctly paired you can check (if you wish) by going back to your phone Bluetooth settings, where you should see three connected hearing aids: R-Phonak Hearing Aid, LE-R Phonak Hearing Aid and LE-L Phonak Hearing Aid


How to Re-Pair your Phonak Lumity if you lose the connection:

  • Go to your MyPhonak app and ‘forget’ your devices…

    • Go to the Devices button at the bottom of the screen

    • Scroll to the bottom of the page, where your hearing aids will be shown

    • Click on the > to open this window

    • Select “Forget Devices”, and click on “Yes, Forget”

  • Exit the app

  • Go to your phone Bluetooth settings, and forget or unpair all hearing aids on the list (normally there are three)

  • Follow the instructions, above, on pairing them again


Note that once you turn your hearing aid on, it sends a pairing signal for 30 seconds only.  If you miss this window to pair your hearing aids, just turn them off and then on again.

How to prepare for remote support and telecare with your Phonak hearing aids?

If you need help to adjust or tune up the sound of the Phonak hearing aids you purchased from HearingNow we can do it for you over a Remote Support. Please follow these steps:

  1. Book a Telecare appointment with HearingNow

  2. At the time of the appointment make sure that your hearing aids are charged and connected to your smartphone and Phonak hearing aids app. Also, your smartphone is connected to a high-speed Wifi.

  3. Open Phonak app, tap on the Support bottom at the bottom of the app screen

  4. Scroll down to Remote Support and tap on it.

  5. On the next page tap on the Start Remote Support button

The communication will start and you will be able to see your audiologist on the Phonak App.

More information: Please see this document on the connectivity of Phonak hearing aids.

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