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Monthly Payment Plan for Hearing Aids

We offer monthly payment plans for purchasing hearing aids.


In addition to our competitive prices, HearingNow in collaboration with our finance partner is able to offer flexible payment plans for your next premium hearing aids. 

When you purchase one of the hearing aids in our catalogue you will have two options:

  • One payment - purchase the hearing aid at the offered discounted price with one single payment

  • Monthly payment plan - purchase the hearing aid at the original price (before the discount), but through a monthly payment plan of up to 12 equal payments.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our monthly payment plan to purchase hearing aids.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What information should I share to apply for a monthly payment plan?

In addition to the clinical and suitability that all our purchases should go through you'll be asked to provide the following details to our finance partner to initiate your application for a monthly payment plan for the purchase of your hearing aids:

- Full name, address and date of birth

- Addresses that you have lived in the past 3 years

- The amount of the deposit you wish to pay upfront (could be zero)

- How many months of payment (up to 12 months)

- Your bank account number and sort code

2. Do you check my credit records for the monthly purchase plan for hearing aids?

Our finance partner will run a credit check on your records in order to assess your credit history and approve the purchase.

3. Does purchasing with one payment or through the monthly purchase plan change the warranty and aftercare of my hearing aids?

No, the warranty and aftercare of your hearing aids purchased through HearingNow are regardless of your payment model. The same warranty and aftercare period is applied to purchases done in one payment or instalment payment plan.

4. Do you offer a longer than 12-month payment plan?

No, our monthly payment plan for hearing aids is only up to 12 months.

5. Is the monthly purchase plan for hearing aids available for International payment?

No, our monthly purchase plan for hearing aids is only limited to domestic purchases in the U.K.

6. How long does it take for approval of my application for a monthly purchase plan for hearing aids?

Most of the applications take 1-3 business working days.

7. What is the process of purchasing hearing aids through the HearingNow monthly purchase plan?

a. Book a hearing test and checkup in our clinics in SE London. If purchasing online please read this page first and then send us your recent (not older than 6-12 months) hearing test results to

b. When the clinical and suitability checks are satisfied you'll receive a payment link. By default, the link is for one payment. If you want to use the monthly payment plan you need to inform us about that in advance. Please notice that the price of the hearing aids for the monthly payment plan will be the price of the hearing aid without the discount.

c. Follow the link for one payment, or for the instalment payment plan.

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