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Warranty & Aftercare

Warranty Information

All hearing aids sold through HearingNow carry their extended manufacturers' guarantee/warranty for customers in the United Kingdom. See below for a manufacturer-specific warranty for the hearing aids.

  • Widex - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty (only limited to travel and business)

  • Phonak - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty (only limited to travel and business)

  • ReSound - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty

  • Rexton - 5 years UK warranty

  • Signia - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty

  • Starkey - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty

  • Oticon - 5 years UK warranty, 1-year International warranty

  • The UK warranty period on any accessories including Assistive Hearing Devices (AHD), chargers, remote microphones, TV streamers and other associated electronics and hearing aids accessories will be 2 years.


Your reference point for sending your hearing aids for service or repair over their warranty period will be HearingNow. Such reference point includes a such event that You are travelling or living outside of the UK. In the instance of a hearing aid requiring repair the shipping of the Goods from Your address to HearingNow and return should be through an insured and trackable post or courier and at Your cost. The cost of shipment from HearingNow to and return from the manufacturer will be on us.

Warranty limitation

A hearing aid warranty provided by the manufacturer does not cover loss of hearing aids, damage from improper handling or care, exposure to water, chemicals, or physical stress. Damage caused by third parties, outside the scope of use or non-authorized service centres renders the warranty null and void. 

Aftercare over the warranty 

We provide aftercare for all the products you purchase from HearingNow over their warranty lifetime. The aftercare services of the sold products include online or in-clinic fine-tuning of the hearing aids, minor fixes and repairs, replacement of the domes and other accessories of the hearing aids, liaison with the manufacturers of your hearing aids to repair or replace them when and if they needed.

Aftercare outside the warranty 

Aftercare outside the warranty period of the products you purchase from us will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We do our best to support our patients who purchased a product from HearingNow and the items are outside their manufacturer's warranty.

Our best estimate of the cost of a complete service charge for your hearing aid outside their warranty period could range from £150 to £250 pounds per unit. The complete service would include the replacement of the rechargeable batteries of your hearing aids if they are not performing to the condition you first bought them. The provided range of the service charge depends on the model, type and technology level of your hearing aids, and it may change without notice.

The hearing aids manufacturers only accept service and repair of your hearing aid for a certain period of time since the date of purchase. They often do not accept hearing aids for service if they are older than 7-9 years depending on technology and a case by case. Please contact us if you have a concern with the service and repair of your hearing aids after their warranty period.

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