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Hearing Aid Repair and Optimisation

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We have the equipment to re-programme or adjust hearing aids sourced from major manufacturers including Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, Starkey, Widex, Resound GN, Signia, and Bernafon. If your hearing aids no longer seem to provide as much benefit as it used to, it's quite possible that they require service and adjustment.

In our clinics we can service and reprogram hearing aids from Boots, Specsavers, Scrivens, Hidden Hearing, Amplifon, Hearing Supermarket, Wholesale Hearing, Pocket Hearing and Hearingaidsdirect.com 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions About Reprogramming Hearing Aids

Where is your clinic? Where shall I go to repair and reprogram my hearing aids?

Our services are provided in multiple location in South-East London as well as home visits (book a home visit). We cover certain areas of South London, including but not limited to Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Forest Hill, Peng, Bromley, Sutton, Croydon, Kent House, and Beckenham. Please see our Service Area and contact us to see if our services are available at your address.

How soon can I get my hearing aids optimised?

Please see our booking page to find out about the first available appointment to fine-tune and reprogram your hearing aids.

Do you charge spare parts if needed?

The cost of cleaning and dusting, retubing (if earmould), any thin tubes or domes are included in the service fee. However, if we found a faulty element in your hearing aid (for example a faulty receiver in a RIC hearing aid) then the piece shall be replaced for a fee. The cost of the replacement pieces will be discussed and if agreed the job will be completed in front of your eyes.

How often should I do a reprogramming of my hearing aids?

The deterioration of the hearing thresholds of human starts at about age 50. The slope of the decline is a function of your genetics, your overall health, your medication (ototoxicity), and whether you have been exposed to a noisy environment (work or hobby). Therefore the rate of the decline can be different from a person to person. If you feel that your hearing has gone down and it is about 2-3 years since you had a full hearing test, then best do a hearing test that would result in updating your hearing aids program.

Can you repair or reprogram my NHS aids at home?

Of course, we do have the set up to readjust the volumes and reprogram your hearing aids at your home. However, we are not an NHS AQP (Any Qualified Provider; those service providers who have a service contract with NHS), hence the provision of a home visit to repair or reprogram your aids will be subject to a service fee that is outlined on our booking page.