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Ear Wax Removal, Microsuction

3 years old children, and Adults

We offer same-day appointments for ear wax removal and microsuction in our clinics in Dulwich and Crystal Palace.

If you have experienced decreased hearing or fullness in the ear with ringing noises then it is likely that you have a build-up of excess ear wax. Excessive ear wax can also cause earache, dizziness and cough caused by the wax pushing on your vagus nerve.


If you need wax cleaning in London we offer a home visit service. We specialise in wax removal, using the very latest microsuction techniques to gently remove the wax safely.

Ear Wax Removal, Microsuction: Services
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions About Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Ear Wax Removal, Microsuction: FAQ

Do you provide a home visit for microsuction ear wax removal?

We cover Greater London for home visit services. Please see our Service Area and contact us to see if our services are available at your address.

Do you offer microsuction ear wax for children?

Yes, we attend kids and young patients 3 years old and older as well as adult patients for ear wax removal and microsuction. Please book an appointment here.

What are the conditions that you cannot clean up my ear wax?

In certain conditions, we would not be able to clean up your ear wax. If you have pain, or discharge, or have done an operation on your ear (in the past 90 days).

What if there is not much ear wax in my ear?

As part of our routine medical practice, we will closely examine both ears. In the event that there is no ear wax but you still have the blockage feeling, we might issue a referral letter to your GP for further referral to an ENT. If there is no ear wax in your ears to clean up your payment will be used against the time of the clinic and ear examination.

What if the ear wax cannot be cleaned all in one session?

We always check and show you the condition of your ear canal with a video otoscopy before and after the procedure. Sometimes for different reasons, the ear wax cannot be cleaned up in one session. On such an occasion, the rest of the cleaning job will be done in a follow-up session with no additional fees. Note: Additional charges may apply for home visit follow-ups.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

Subject to clinic availability you can book a same-day appointment for your wax cleaning should have you been applying olive oil for a few days. Check booking availability for ear cleaning here.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my ear wax removal?

Some private insurance companies accept the cost of ear wax removal as part of their health care policy. Please contact your insurance company to find out about this.

Why my ears create more ear wax than before? 

You may feel that you never had any problem with ear wax accumulation before, why do your ears generate so much ear wax now? As part of the ageing process, some start having dryer skin due to slower cerumen production of your skin glands. In addition, tiny hairs in the ear canal start growing longer at 40-50 age and higher. These two reasons slow down the outward transport of the ear wax.

What is the difference between microsuction and water irrigation?

There is a fundamental difference between ear microsuction and irrigation. Ear irrigation uses water to dislodge ear wax at a safe pressure level. The ear microsuction technique uses a medical graded suction machine to remove the pieces of the ear wax little by little. The consensus amongst the medical experts is that removing ear wax with a suction machine is the safest option. It is because several reasons include a. water used in irrigation methods may contain bacteria or create a suitable environment for infection in your ear canal, and b. in the event of previous perforations in the eardrum the water might enter the middle ear that would increase the risk of middle ear infection. In Hearing Now we use microsuction for all ear wax removal procedures.

Can I contact my GP or surgery to clean up my ear wax?

Ear wax cleaning is no longer one of the core services that you can receive from your GP. The general advice is to use olive oil drops to encourage the natural mechanism of the ear canal to remove the wax. While this can get rid of the wax in some cases, impacted ear wax needs to be professionally removed, especially if it is causing a hearing loss, blocked ear sensation, pain or discomfort. While some NHS ear, nose, and throat departments still offer ear cleaning, priority is given to patients with more complex ear-related issues who have ear wax removal as part of their routine treatment. For instance, patients who have had a mastoidectomy in the past are more likely to get free ear wax removal on NHS. Most GPs recommend private ear wax removal for their patients. Usually, you do not need a referral to book an ear wax removal with us. You can book a same-day appointment with us now!

What are the advantages of ear wax clean up by a qualified audiologist?

When it comes to your health, we always suggest contacting a qualified and experienced health care professional. The benefit of using audiologists to undertake ear wax removal is if there is no ear wax blockage found audiologists are able to perform additional investigations which can lead to a diagnosis and solution within the same visit, or your case could be referred to a GP, ENT or even emergency. 

Where are your hearing care clinics?

Our private hearing care clinics are located in select locations in London. Please book hearing care services here.

Should I use an ear wax softener prior to my appointment?

Ear wax when left untreated become hard. Using ear wax removal is not mandatory, however, using the softener for about 3 to 5 days twice a day would make the ear wax soft. Softening the ear wax makes the procedure faster and more comfortable. Read more about ear wax softeners here.

Is the procedure of ear wax removal with microsuction safe?

When done properly, the procedure of removing ear wax with microsuction is very safe. Our audiologists are among the best in the medical community in England. Read HearingNow Google reviews here.

How long is the procedure of ear wax removal with microsuction?

Depending on the size of the ear canal, the depth of the ear wax deposition and the hardness of the wax the procedure of removal of ear wax from both your ears could take 10 to 20 minutes.

What to expect in a HearingNow microsuction ear wax removal appointment?

Here is what you should expect in a microsuction ear wax removal with HearingNow:

  1. Our audiologist welcomes you to the clinic

  2. You would review and sign the consent form

  3. The audiologist explains the complete procedure and would answer any questions you may have

  4. The audiologist does an initial ear examination to assess the wax and will ask you a few questions to make sure that you are ready for the procedures

  5. Before otoscopy - You will see a video of your ear canal to understand the position and the condition of the wax

  6. The procedure is done and completed

  7. After otoscopy - You will see a video of your ear canal, eardrum

  8. A closure to answer any questions you may have

Is microsuction safe for me if I have ear perforations?

Indeed, microsuction is the safest method to remove your ear wax if you have done any operation on the ear, or if you have perforations on your eardrum. The procedure does the least intervention with the anatomy of your ear. It only touches on the ear wax and suctions them away.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Contact us.

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