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Special Purpose

Custom-Made Earplugs

You may need to improve your life experience with a pair of custom-made earplugs.


We will make a set of impressions of your ears and will forward them to our trusted lab (or your lab of choice) to make special custom-made earplugs for: 

  • Musician protection earplugs

  • Musician monitoring earplug

  • Swimmers earplugs

  • Extreme sports e.g. shooting, biking, racing

  • Sleeping earplugs

We make earplugs and monitoring plugs for artists and vocalists - HearingNow London
Hearing Test and Check-Up: Services
Special purpose earplugs for musicians, vocal artists - HearingNow London

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions About Special Custom-Made Earplugs

Hearing Test and Check-Up: FAQ

Where is your clinic? Where shall I go to do a hearing test?

Our hearing care services are provided in South London. We provide ear wax cleaning and extensive hearing test in select surgeries. We also provide home visits for hearing care services. We cover certain areas of South London, including but not limited to Bromley, Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Sydenham Hill, Sutton, Croydon, Forest Hill, Peng, Kent House, and Beckenham. Please see our service area here.

How soon can I get a pair of custom earplugs?

You can book for an impression-taking session with HearingNow by booking your appointment here. At the end of this session, you will have your impressions that you can send out to the lab of your choice or you can ask us to send them on to the lab for you.

Which labs do HearingNow work to make custom earplugs and musician or vocalist monitor earplugs?

We work with two of the best labs in the Uk to make your custom earplugs. Please visit the websites of the manufacturers and get back to us if any questions:

Do you provide adjustable earplug protection sets?

Yes. The labs that we send your ear impressions are able to make fixed or adjustable protection custom-made earplugs. The fixed-level protection earplugs usually reduce the intensity of the sound by a certain figure (often about 18 dB). You could order and receive adjustable or multi-level protection earplugs that offer a different fitting for different attenuation levels based on the level of the noise you are in. Please consult with your choice of the manufacturer on adjustable hearing protection earplugs. Learn more in here.

How long does it take to take an impression from my ears?

The impression appointments in our clinics are planned for 30 min. Our audiologist will examine your ears to make sure there is no show-stopper and your ear canal and your eardrum are healthy. A micro suction may be needed if there is a substantial ear wax build-up is found. This step is needed to remove the ear wax so we could make an impression that is the true representation of your ear canal. After cleaning the ear canal the impression is taken.

What is the outcome of a hearing test?

We take a close look at your ear canal and your eardrums to make sure there is no disorder or pathological issues. Then we will measure the thresholds of your hearing in both ears, i.e. the quietest sound that you can hear in each ear over the spectrum of hearing frequency. The outcome of our hearing test will be a hearing test report with an audiogram. In case of a referable condition, a referral letter will be issued and forwarded to your GP/ENT along with your hearing test results. If the test indicates the presence of a hearing loss, we will also discuss your options as to how best to manage your hearing loss (hearing loss management plan).

Will my insurance cover the cost of my hearing test?

Some private insurance companies accept the cost of hearing care as part of their health care policy. Please contact your insurance company to find out about this.

Would my home environment be quiet enough to allow a valid hearing test at home?

The short answer is yes. Unless your residence is located on a very busy road we are confident that your hearing test will be conducted in a close to a standard environment. We always measure the level of background noise at the time of the test to ensure it is at or lower than the acceptable limits proposed by BSA and NICE for hearing test validity. Furthermore, we usually repeat any test point several times to ensure the validity of the test results.

Do you make earmoulds for my hearing aids?

Yes. If you need a pair of new earmoulds for your hearing aids please book an appointment with HearingNow here.

Do you repair the custom earplugs?

HearingNow only helps with making the impressions for your custom-made earplugs. Often musician monitoring earplugs can be repaired. You need to get in touch with the manufacturer of the earplugs to discuss a replacement or repair of your earplugs.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Contact us.

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