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Hearing Care Services
in South London

In clinic and home visit audiology and hearing care services in:

Dulwich, West Dulwich, North Dulwich, East Dulwich, Beckenham,

Sydenham Hill, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Forest Hill, Gipsy Hill, Peng

Hearing is a crucial part of your overall health and well-being: it affects how you relate to the world around you, your daily work and social interactions. Your hearing also influences your sense of self, your personal relationships, and your connections with friends and family. For younger people, hearing loss can impact comprehension, language and self-esteem.

If you feel that your ears are blocked, or you hear people mumbling, or have a hard time following the conversation in noisy places, then you might need to have a hearing test and check-up.


Book an appointment online for any of the following audiology services:


  • Ear wax removal and microsuction

  • Hearing test and check-up

  • Hearing aid repair and reprogramming

All our services will be provided by highly qualified professional staff. Please check each service page for more details.

Repair of hearing aids in South London
Microsuction ear cleaning in South London by HearingNow
Free hearing test in South London - HearingNow

Hearing Aid Repair & Reprogramming

Don't they sound clear and loud anymore?

Ear Wax Removal, Microsuction

Safe, Fast, Effective

Hearing Test
and Check-Up

Comprehensive hearing test and check-up

Your health is our top priority. 
Get in touch if there are any questions.

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