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ITE, ITC, CIC and Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible Hearing Aids

Easy-Fit hearing aids are popular because they have the best features of behind-the-ear ones:

  • Discrete (invisible)

  • Background noise reduction

  • Speech enhancement

  • Wireless connectivity

  • Remote care

  • CROS (for binaural hearing loss)

Why easy-fit invisible hearing aids are so popular?​

Custom-made invisible IIC and CIC and easy-fit CIC hearing aids are popular because of their vanity, being almost invisible in the ear canal and being very effective to help people with high-frequency hearing loss. The easy-fit CIC hearing aids are even more popular because they can be reprogrammed remotely, they connect wirelessly to your smartphone and they have a CROS version for single-sided hearing loss.

Do I need to make an ear impression for my invisible hearing aids?

When it comes to invisible hearing aids, you have two options, you can make impressions of your ear canal and make custom-made IIC or CIC, or you can choose easy-fit invisible hearing aids.

Can invisible hearing aids connect to my smartphone?

Easy-fit invisible CIC hearing aids can be connected to your smartphone. At the moment only Starkey has offered a wireless custom-made IIC/CIC to the market, but Signia SILK and Rexton iX CIC easy-fit hearing aids are invisible and can be connected to your smartphone. Please see our collection of invisible CIC hearing aids on how to connect your Signia SILK and Rexton mCore iX CIC hearing aids to iPhone and Android.

Can invisible hearing aids help with speech understanding in a noisy environment?

Absolutely. Easy-fit CIC invisible hearing aids will be programmed for your level of hearing loss, hence they can reduce the background noise and can help with understanding speech in noisy environments.

Can invisible hearing aids be adjusted and reprogrammed remotely?

Yes, both Signia SILK X and Rexton M-Core iX CIC can be reprogrammed and adjusted by a hearing care specialist remotely. It means that you don't need to be worried about hearing care support on the go or while travelling.

What brands are the best for easy-fit invisible hearing aids?

At the moment only Signia and Rexton offer easy-fit invisible CIC hearing aids. Both product lines are owned by WS Audiology and both use the same technology platform.

Are Signia and Rexton invisible easy-fit hearing aids better than the custom-made ones?

A pair of custom-made invisible hearing aids have the advantage that the profile of the hearing aids will be shaped to match the shape of your ear canal, hence might work better than easy-fit hearing aids in terms of comfort and sound quality.

Which one is the latest technology, Signia SILK NX or the Signia SILK X series?

Signia SILK Nx was the older generation of Signia CIC invisible hearing aids. Since 2021 Signia introduced Signia SILK X which works based on the Signia Xperience technology platform. The Signia SILK X introduced a new audiological system – it introduced 6 acoustic sensors that made a significant improvement towards the analysis of the environment, determining speech location and so forth. All key to then apply new advanced features. Another difference between Signia SILK X and Signia SILK Nx is size, Signia SILK X was made smaller than the NX version. So better cosmetically and even more fit rate to ears! No surprise that you find Signia SILK Nx cheaper than Signia SILK X hearing aids in the UK market.

Which easy-fit invisible hearing aids are better Signia SILK X or Rexton M-Core iX CIC?

Both product lines are owned by WS Audiology and they both use the same technology.

Can I change the volume or the programs of my Signia SILK invisible easy-fit hearing aids?

Both Signia SILK X and Rexton M-Motion iX CIC connect to your smartphone through a high-frequency system. You will be able to volume up and down the sound of your hearing aids, and also change the preset programs on your smartphone.

Can I do music streaming with Signia SILK X or Rexton M-Core iX CIC?

No. Signia SILK X and Rexton iX CIC do not support Bluetooth streaming.

What battery size fits Signia SILK and Rexton M-Core iX CIC?

Both hearing aids use size 10 batteries.

How long will the battery last with Signia SILK X or Rexton M-Core iX CIC?

You can expect a battery run life of 4 to 5 days on each of these CIC hearing aids based on the level of your hearing loss and how many hours you use them per day.

Are easy-fit invisible CIC hearing aids work better when hearing music or voice on the phone?

One great advantage of in-the-canal (IIC or CIC) hearing aids is that they do not interfere with using headphones for Zoom meetings or listening to music. They do not support Bluetooth and hence do not support hands-free conversation on the phone, but if adjusted correctly they bring in the same natural feeling of having a conversation on the phone.

Do easy-fit invisible CIC hearing aids come with CROS or BICROS?

Yes, Signia SILK X and Rexton M-|Core iX CIC both come in CROS and BICROS versions for patients with single-sided hearing loss.

Do Signia SILK X and Rexton M-Core CIC hearing aids support tinnitus therapy?

Yes, Signia SILK X and Rexton M-Core iX CIC hearing aids support tinnitus noise masking and tinnitus notch therapy. Please learn more about tinnitus notch therapy here.

Where can I find more information about Signia SILK and Rexton CIC hearing aids?

Please follow these links to learn more about Signia SILK invisible hearing aids and Rextom M-Core iX CIC hearing aids.