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Hearing Test
and Check-Up

Comprehensive Hearing Test and Check-up

If left untreated, hearing loss can cause problems with your balance, memory and confidence. If you feel your hearing has been impacted by an accident or illness, loud music or noise at work, in shopping centres, traffic, or just part of the normal ageing process, seeing a qualified audiologist for a hearing check is easy action you can take today.


Because hearing loss due to natural ageing can happen gradually, regular check-ups with a qualified audiologist are a good idea to benchmark your hearing and monitor your long-term ear health. An early assessment could also mean straightforward treatment of an underlying condition such as an ear infection, excessive wax or tinnitus, with a better chance of preventing further hearing loss.

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Hearing Test and Check-Up: Services
FAQ - Hearing care and ear clinic in South London - HearingNow

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions About Hearing Test and Check-Up

Hearing Test and Check-Up: FAQ

Where is your clinic? Where shall I go to do a hearing test?

We provide ear wax cleaning and extensive hearing tests in our clinics in London and in the comfort of your home (book a home visit here). 

How soon can I get a hearing test?

Please see our booking page to check the availability of a time slot for a hearing test. 

What are the conditions that you cannot do a hearing test?

In certain conditions, we would not be able to do a hearing test for you. If you have pain, infection, discharge, or have done an operation in your ear (in the past 90 days), or your ears are fully blocked by ear wax we will not be able to do a hearing test.  Please contact us in case of any questions. 

Can I order hearing aids through HearingNow right after the hearing test and what models do you provide?

Yes, right after the hearing test we would discuss your options for managing your hearing loss (if there is any). As part of the discussion, we will present options of hearing aids, models, types of fitting and other details of the hearing aids that we believe would best help you hear better. We are representative of all six major hearing aid manufacturers. Please learn more about the hearing aids that HearingNow can offer.

How long is a hearing test session?

Our in-clinic hearing test sessions are about 1 hour and our home visit hearing tests are completed in about 1.5 hours. 

What is the outcome of a hearing test?

We take a close look at your ear canal and your eardrums to make sure there is no disorder or pathological issues. Then we will measure the thresholds of your hearing in both ears, i.e. the quietest sound that you can hear in each ear over the spectrum of hearing frequency. The outcome of our hearing test will be a hearing test report with an audiogram. In case of a referable condition, a referral letter will be issued and forwarded to your GP/ENT along with your hearing test results. If the test indicates the presence of a hearing loss, we will also discuss your options as to how best to manage your hearing loss (hearing loss management plan).

Will my insurance cover the cost of my hearing test?

Some private insurance companies accept the cost of hearing care as part of their health care policy. Please contact your insurance company to find out about this.

Would my home environment be quiet enough to allow a valid hearing test at home?

The short answer is yes. Unless your residence is located on a very busy road we are confident that your hearing test will be conducted in a close to a standard environment. We always measure the level of background noise at the time of the test to ensure it is at or lower than the acceptable limits proposed by BSA and NICE for hearing test validity. Furthermore, we usually repeat any test point several times to ensure the validity of the test results.

Would you be able to adjust or reprogram my hearing aids based on the hearing test results you take?

Absolutely. Right after completion of the hearing test our audiologist could update and readjust the prescription of your hearing aids with the test results to make sure that you continue hearing loud, clear and natural again.

Could you re-line the tubing or service my hearing aids at the hearing test session at my home?

Sure, right after the hearing test we could take a look at your hearing aids, replace the thin tubes, domes and service them and do our best to keep them working at the best of their ability. (Note: Extra charges may apply for repair and/replacement of the components)

Have a question we haven’t answered? Contact us.

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