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medico-legal audiology and hearing test in London - HearingNow

Medico-Legal Audiology

Your audiology partner in occupational injury claims and compensations

We provide hearing tests and check-ups to law firms and solicitors who defend their clients in cases such as occupational injury and work-related hearing loss due to the negligence of the employers.

Our audiologists work closely with clients ranging from small solicitor companies to larger law firms to handle claims of occupational and noise-induced hearing loss. 

Our comprehensive auditory tests are undertaken according to NICE and BSA guidelines.  We will check and verify the photographic identification of your client and will provide a full report on the date of the test.  

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medico-legal hearing test and reports in London - HearingNow

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Questions About Medico-Legal Hearing Test

Where are our clinics? 

Our medico-legal services are provided in multiple locations in South-East London. 

How fast can we book a medico-legal hearing test for our client?

Often time slots are available for medico-legal hearing tests throughout the week. Please see our booking page to find out about the first available appointment for a hearing test.

What is the charge of a medico-legal hearing test?

Please send us the instructions on specific hearing test details and we will provide you with a quote the same day.

What does your medico-legal hearing test entail?

We can tailor the medico-legal hearing test based on your instructions, however, our comprehensive medico-legal hearing test includes:

  • Verification of the identity of the patient

  • Complete case history interview about patient's hearing loss

  • Close examination of the ear canal and the eardrum (otoscopy)

  • Pure Audiometry Test (PTA)

  • Speech Recognition Test (SRT)

  • Speech in Noise test (SIN)

  • A complete written report issued on the date of the test

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