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We strive to attend to our patients and customers with the utmost level of service quality. In our philosophy of service, the patient always comes first. 

If you used any of our services we would appreciate a minute of your time to leave us feedback on any of our social pages by clicking on the buttons provided at the bottom of this page. It helps us to reach out to the local community of people needing hearing care, and do more and do better.

Here are some of the reviews we received from our patients:

"After having reduced hearing in my right ear for almost a month I was greatful to come across hearing now. I had the pleasure of having Audiologist Koorosh Nejad and he was not only great and fixed my issue but he was also very kind and extremely informative. Thank you Nejad ! Couldn't recommend the place more."

Sarah, HearingNow clinic in Crystal Palace, Google Reviews

"Nejad gave me a hearing test and programmed my hearing aids, Absolutely 100% pleased. This fantastic service has improved my life, Top marks for Vita Health."

Gerry, HearingNow clinic in Crystal Palace, Google Reviews

"Nejad has provided me with a life changing experience - my hearing. I knew I had issues with my hearing but my goodness WHAT a difference. I had been to another audiologist prior but I didn't feel that I was getting value for money in terms of the quotes I had received. Nejad not only redid the tests - which corroborated my previous audiologist's reading, but went into far more detail and shared far more insights which frankly were fascinating.

I know I could have gone to the NHS and received all this support, but I'm in a very fortunate position to be able to afford this treatment outside of the NHS (and it frees up the resources for other people who need it more than me). Nejad and the hearingnow team are fabulous. The attention to detail and care provided and expertise was beyond expectation.

There was no sales pitch nor any leading questions - I was entirely free to choose the devices that added the most amount of impact to me. I tried several on, and with my lifestyle choices considered I have found the perfect hearing aids that have added a huge amount of not only relief but quality of life back to my life.

Nejad is an expert, passionate and extremely agreeable, patient and supportive. I'd highly recommend anyone to explore HearingNow if you feel you have issues with your hearing."

William, HearingNow clinic in Crystal Palace, Google Reviews

"A pleasant surprise. My reception was friendly, hearing test simple and diagnosis prompt. Plenty of choice over which aid to pick and a few days later I was fitted with my device. At a good price too if price comparisons are to be believed. Slowly getting to grips with Bluetooth tech and hearing much more especially broadcasts. Keeping bits clean is a fiddly job but that’s the nature of the beast. Also nice to have such a local service."

Charles, HearingNow clinic in Crystal Palace, Google Reviews

"I lost an expensive hearing aid and was aghast at how much the original supplier was going to charge to replace it, so I obviously researched the subject and came up with Koorosh and “”. They easily quoted the best price. I live almost 300 miles from London so had to deal with Koorosh via phone/email but everything went very very well. Distance was no problem at all. He couldn’t have been more courteous and explained things better. Thoroughly recommend him."

Name reserved, HearingNow Online, Trustpilot Reviews

"Super company, I was skeptical at first because the price was so far below that which I was quoted on the high street, then I read the reviews and felt better. What an experience; so very very professional. Nothing was too much trouble. I’m delighted with my purchase and feel confident we will build a strong customer and provider relationship in the future
Thank you Koorosh you have excellent company and deserve all the praise you receive."

Clive Rees, HearingNow Online, Trustpilot Reviews

"Absolutely great service!
It was my second time using Hearing Now. After losing hearing in one ear and developing some pain, I contacted looking for a same-day emergency appointment and was thankfully seen in the clinic the same day.
Nejad was accommodating, brilliant and very professional as before… he explained my issue and more importantly, he resolved the problem thus restoring my hearing.
I would thoroughly recommend his services to anyone in need of an Audiologist."

Jamie Turner, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Trustpilot Reviews

"Found HearingNow when looking for a supplier of a particular model of a newly released hearing aid. Fortunately, Karoosh is based in London so I was able to attend an in-person fitting where I had a bit of ear wax removed and got the hearing aids working based on a recent hearing test. I am now getting used to them. The price was great compared to other audiologists. Communication has been easy & and I hope I won't need too much aftercare."

Kay, HearingNow Crystal Palace clinic, Trustpilot Reviews

"Koorosh came to do a home visit.
Yes professional yes knowledgable caring, and patient. For my 94-year-old mother, all these attributes were important. We had mirosuction and a hearing test that was not charged as extra. Koorosh is an honest genuine person.
Why do l say this because potentially a hearing aid might be needed but all options were explored free from NHS and paid for privately with Koorosh. There was no pressure the choice was ours. How nice to be able to trust that our best interests are being put first.
I would not hesitate to recommend HearingNow based on my expérience with Koorosh."

Alex, HearingNow Home Visit, Trustpilot Reviews

"Having spoken to many audiologists before I took the plunge of getting my first set of hearing aids at the age of 58, I was struck by how much more caring, professional and empathetic the owner of Hearing Now (Koorosh Nejad) is. The price and after-sales service are excellent and frankly, if there is a better audiologist/hearing aid service in the UK, I would be very surprised. Koorosh wears a hearing aid himself which really makes a difference & and after 3-4 months as a customer, his responsiveness is fast, professional and personal. Excellent. Do not even think of going anywhere else."

Nem reserved, HearingNow Crystal Palace clinic, Trustpilot Reviews

"I saw Mr Korosh the audiologist and he was so patient and ensured that I chose the best hearing aids for me. He was very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend him."

Nasser, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Google Reviews

"Before my appointment, I received excellent advice on reducing my discomfort during the procedure. During my appointment, the audiologist made me feel comfortable and was always professional. The service is reasonably priced and worth the money. I would highly recommend it."

Cate, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Google Reviews

"I came to Hearing Now to have my ears microsuctioned due to completely losing my hearing in my right ear. I have narrow and bendy ear canals so the procedure wasn’t easy but my ear was cleared after two sessions (the wax had gone deep so I needed a break to soften the remaining wax with ear drops between). Thank you!"

Elizabeth, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Google Reviews

"Nejdad of Hearing Now gave a wonderful service. I had some hearing aids that I could never get to work. He have me a hearing test, reprogrammed the hearing aids and showed me how to use the app and its various features. He was very kind and helpful and now I can hear!!!"

Miranda, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Google Reviews

"I recently had an appointment with HearingNow in Dulwich and I must say that the service was fantastic. Before the appointment, I received plenty of information and was walked through the entire process, which made me feel very comfortable and confident in the procedure.
During the appointment, the audiologist was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient, taking the time to answer all of my questions and address any concerns I had. I felt like I was in good hands the entire time, and the audiologist's professionalism and expertise were very much appreciated. The process itself was very quick as well.
After the appointment, I even received a follow-up message from the audiologist to check on the status of my ear, which was a really nice touch and showed that they truly care about their patients.
Overall, I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of audiology services. They provide exceptional care and go above and beyond to ensure their patients are comfortable and informed throughout the entire process. Thank you for the great service!"

Alessio, HearingNow Dulwich clinic, Google Reviews

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