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Hearing Aid Insurance

We are often asked about insurance for Hearing Aid devices to cover such eventualities as Accidental Loss or Damage.  This type of cover is distinct from that provided by a manufacturer’s warranty and we believe it to be very important as we all know that small devices are easily lost or damaged.

Whilst insurance is not a product we can supply ourselves, we can point you in the right direction and below we outline two of the most popular routes available.

Option 1 - Home Insurance

You can usually add cover for your Hearing Devices to your Home Insurance policy and in some cases, they may already be covered. If this is your chosen route, it’s important to understand the actual insurance afforded and to make sure it includes coverage both at and away from home.  Check your policy wording carefully for any special terms, conditions or exclusions and of course any excess applicable in the event of a claim.

We have recently been made aware that some Home Insurance providers have a “preferred supplier” whom they will direct you to for replacement in the event of a loss which might mean that you have to go elsewhere for your treatment.

Option 2 - Specialist Insurance

We can introduce you to a specialist Hearing Aid Insurance provider; Assetsure who can organise a stand-alone policy specially designed to cover Hearing Aids.

The Assetsure arranged policy covers most types of Hearing Devices and associated equipment and there is no need to cover your entire home with them. 

The insurers of the Assetsure scheme have agreed that in the event of a loss, they will liaise with HearingNow to provide replacements. Insurance is a regulated product and as such we are not able to recommend Assetsure as an insurance provider. However, we have existing patients who have had a positive experience.

If you wish to receive a no-obligation quote from Assetsure and more information about the cover, you may click the link below for an online enquiry form.

Upon receipt of some basic information, they will contact you (Assetsure are open 7 days a week). If you would prefer to speak to them directly, you may contact them at 0208 0033 190 but please mention you are a patient of HearingNow (code: 800036) as this will enable Assetsure to liaise with us in the event of a claim.


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