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Widex Centre in South London

Welcome to Widex Centre in South London. We offer all types and styles of Widex hearing aids out of our clinics in South London 5 days a week. 

See our full catalogue of Widex hearing aids here.

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Widex price comparison - Widex Moment sRIC R - per pair

Tech Level
Hidden Hearing

Note: Prices include a desktop charger, including 5 years warranty and aftercare.

* Boots Hearing and Specsavers didn't offer Widex products at the time of preparing this price comparison.

What to consider when purchasing Widex hearing aids?

Purchasing a pair of hearing aids is not similar to purchasing other merchandise.  To be able to compare the price of hearing aids between vendor A and vendor B you need to consider a few other parameters including:

  • Warranty period - A longer warranty period is more favourable to the wearer of the hearing aids. 

  • Hearing test and aftercare - You need to make sure that you will have access to the vendor's clinic for future hearing tests, and if not free of cost what would be the cost implications of such aftercare?

  • Remote care - Most of the premium hearing aids can be readjusted remotely. Make sure that the vendor is able and willing to provide a remote care service for the readjustment of your hearing aids. Such a service helps you be mobile and the adjustment on the go, especially if you have a relocation or retirement plan in mind.

Why HearingNow offer the best deal for Widex hearing aids?

All Widex models offered in our Widex Centre in South London are at the most competitive price guarantee, with a 30-day trial, a 5-year UK warranty and aftercare/fine-tuning. Our prices include a charger unit (for rechargeable models), and Phone / TV streaming (for those with Bluetooth features). Your Widex hearing aids will be fitted by a professional audiologist in our clinics or a home visit appointment. Call us at 0800 001 6638 and ask for current discounts and promos.

What are the differences between different Widex Moment technology levels?

Please see the below table for the difference in hearing aid features among Widex hearing aid technology levels. Please feel free to get in touch if any questions.

widex moment tech level comparison table - HearingNow uk
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