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Maintenance and cleaning of CIC Hearing Aids
How to connect Signia SILK X to your smartphone?

Please see the following link to follow step-to-step instructions on how to connect your Signia SILK X, Signia SILK Nx, and Rexton mCore iX-CIC to your iPhone and Android smartphone. On the table to the left you want to select the ‘Manually’ option – as this is how the Silks/Rexton IX will connect to the app:

Signia App User Guide/Manual - Learn how to use the Signia App


If the instruction in the Signia manual is too complicated, here are simple instructions to connect your Signia SILK or Rexton iX CIC hearing aids to your smartphone:

  • Open up the Signia or Rexton App.

  • When selecting the connection method, you want to press the ‘Manual’ option.

  • It might prompt on screen to increase the volume of the phone if required. This is because the app sends out ultrasonic tones from the phone that the aids pick up to make the required change. So about 70% volume is fine

  • When it asks if your aid is a ‘Run’ model – it’s always No.

  • The rest of the steps that follow on the screen are straightforward.

  • If it asks if your aids support directionality/spatial configurator then it’s No.