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HearingNow announces NHS Plus hearing aids collection


1 Sept 2023

HearingNow, one of the players in the hearing care services in the UK announced a new collection of premium hearing aids. The NHS+ collection of hearing aids are hand picked for those NHS hearing aid users who are looking to upgrade to private hearing aids to take the advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable technology but they are on a tight budget. The collection is also covering essential level in-the-ear hearing aids including invisible IIC and CIC hearing aids and the ITE and ITC hearing aids that are Bluetooth enabled and rechargeable. The need for remote care is increasing in the UK due to aging population. "Bluetooth activated hearing aids provided by HearingNow can be adjusted and reporgrammed remotely by our hearing care professionals allowing the patient to receive adjustments remotely", said Koorosh Nejad the audiology director of HearingNow.

NHS+ hearing aids provided by HearingNow will be provided with 5 years UK warranty and aftercare.

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