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The best hearing aids in the UK for tinnitus

Updated: Sep 3

There is proven research that hearing aids can help with alleviating tinnitus. But what type and model of hearing aids do a better job of reducing the annoyance of tinnitus? Continue reading to learn more about how hearing aids can help manage your tinnitus and what model of hearing aid could do a better job.

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a noise, buzzing or hissing that only you can hear, meaning it doesn't have an external source, instead, it is generated (better say perceived) in your brain. Read more about tinnitus on HearingNow.

Can hearing aids alleviate my tinnitus?

The answer is yes. Premium hearing aids can help manage and reduce the sound of your tinnitus. They do it in several ways:

Can all hearing aids help with tinnitus?

No. Some older versions of hearing aids have prefixed noise generators that your audiologist could set up and adjust so the patient can hear white, brown or pink noise all the time (noise therapy). These older hearing aids had limited capability and features in tinnitus management. They didn't have Bluetooth streaming capability hence they couldn't help much with tinnitus sound therapy.

Specific models of newer hearing aids have more features for noise generation and enable you to stream sounds to your hearing aids through Bluetooth. This means that you can do tinnitus sound therapy while working, walking in the park, or walking your dog.

If you have tinnitus and plan to buy a pair of new hearing aids make sure that you discuss the tinnitus management features of the models you consider with your hearing care professional.

Which premium hearing aids can do tinnitus sound therapy?

All the premier hearing aids which became available in about 2019 have different tinnitus sound and noise management features. Please see a few examples below:

How much does a pair of tinnitus hearing aids cost me?

The sales price of tinnitus hearing aids depends on several factors including the brand, the technology level, and the period of warranty and aftercare services that the patient receives from the hearing care provider. Please see the sales price of hearing aids on HearingNow UK here.

Do in-the-canal (ITC and ITE) hearing aids support tinnitus sound therapy?

Yes. There are several options for those who wish to use in-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing aids and want to take advantage of noise and sound therapy with their hearing aids. Here are a few options:

All the above hearing aids are rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled (with the exception of Signia Silk).

What is tinnitus notch therapy and which hearing aid model/type can help?

Tinnitus notch therapy is a technique to reduce the level (intensity) of tinnitus at the source, right where your brain hears it. There is enough evidence base research to support that tinnitus-notch-therapy could help patients with tonal tinnitus (like a high-pitch hissing) alleviate their tinnitus. Signia is the leader in tinnitus notch therapy and at the time of writing this article only Signia and Rexton hearing aids are able to do tinnitus notch therapy. Learn more about tinnitus notch therapy here.

I already have a pair of premium hearing aids, can I activate the tinnitus noise management on them myself?

No. You need to contact your audiologist so s/he could set up the tinnitus noise management in the fitting software for you. Furthermore, tinnitus noise management needs to be done as part of a tinnitus management strategy. Book a free online tinnitus consultation to learn more about tinnitus and how hearing aids can help manage your tinnitus.

the rest of this article provides an overview of each of the major hearing aid manufacturers' approaches to tinnitus management.