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Top 6 reasons why your ears are itchy? And how to fix them!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Itchy ears are not normal. If you feel your ears are itchy all the time, there is a good chance that the reason is among the ones discussed in this article. Please read through and share with others.

Why my ears are itchy all the time?

  1. Ear wax - Our ears create ear wax to protect our eardrums and the ear canal. The ear wax creates an acidic environment to kill potential risks including insects and bacteria. For several reasons, the ear wax in your ear may not be transported out naturally and start being deposited in your ear canal. Often the deposition is mixed with dead skin and again often the material is dry. Dried ear wax could make your ear feel itchy (related article: How to dissolve my ear wax fast?). If left unattended deposition of the ear wax in your ear can completely block your ears impacting your hearing and even your balance.

    1. Solutions: Contact your audiologist for a quick examination.

  2. Dry skin - If you suffer from dry skin or eczema you may feel itchy all the time in your ears. The surface of the ear canal for such a patient can become very dry and sensitive.

    1. Solution: Weekly or bi-weekly use of Earol (medical grade olive oil; find it in your pharmacy) might help. Best to contact your GP for advice.

  3. Foreign object - You may not believe it but there may be a foreign object in your ear(s) e.g. a small ant or a small spider.

    1. Solution: Contact your audiologist for a quick examination of your ears.

  4. Hearing aids - If you wear hearing aids you will have a dome (RIC, or BTE, the earmould (BTE), or the whole hearing aid (CIC/ITE/ITC) is always in your ears. The size and the shape of the dome should be optimum for you to feel comfortable, otherwise, you may feel earache or itchy ears. I have seen patients complaining about itchy ears and after an examination, I noticed that their earmould has a small crack that was hard to see but enough to make them feel uncomfortable.

    1. Solution: Contact your audiologist to revisit your fitting acoustics.

  5. Infection - Often an ear infection starts with an itchy ear, and then gradually turns into earache if not addressed.

    1. Solution: Contact your Aud or your GP for a quick ear examination.

  6. Overcleaning - Ear wax is natural. It creates an antibacterial and waterproof layer in your ears. Overcleaning your ears removes this protective layer and increases your risk of ear infections.

    1. Solution: Let nature do its job.

Tip: Never, ever use cotton swabs to clean your ear. 9 out of 10 patients attempt to clean their ears with a cotton swab push the ear wax further in and make the cleaning procedure riskier.



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