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How to set up my iPhone to safeguard my ears against loud sounds or music?

One of the cool features of iOS is the ability for the user to limit the intensity of the sound that is played through your earphone, or earbuds. This is important for your health as loud noise or listening to overly loud music for a longer period of time can make permanent damage to your auditory system (click here to learn How Loud Is Too Loud?)

This is a great feature for those who love listening to music for a long period of time through the Apps on your iPhone. Here are 4 easy steps to set up your iPhone to limit the sound intensity at the earbuds or the headphones.

1. On your iPhone find and open the Setting, then tap on Sounds & Haptics,

2. On the Sounds and Haptics screen tap on Headphone Safety,

3. On the Headphone Safety screen activate the Reduce Loud Sound.

4. Activating the Reduce Loud Sounds opens a section where you can set the loudness of the sound that is played by your earbuds or your headphone. The default is at 85dB and we suggest you keep it at that for your safety (here is why...).

Now you can hear your music through your iPhone with peace of mind.



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