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Is your hearing aid future-proof? LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast are coming.

If you are not into connectivity and streaming through your hearing aids, this article is not for you. But if you stream music, podcasts, radio, and TV sound to your hearing aids and wish to use them in public events and concerts soon, you better read this article.

best hearing aids with auracast bluetooth technology

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What is LE Audio Bluetooth?

The LE Audio Bluetooth (LE: Low Energy) is the next generation of Bluetooth protocol for personal use and group listening. Compared to classic Bluetooth, the sound streamed through LE Audio Bluetooth:

  1. Has a better sound quality

  2. Your hearing aids headphones or earbuds use less battery for streaming

  3. Several audiences can receive the signal at the same time (versus the classic Bluetooth which is one-to-one communication)

What is Auracast?

Auracast is a communication technology that broadcasts a soundtrack to many audiences at the same time. This technology will be widely used in concerts and festivals where the program (music, movie soundtrack,...) will be broadcast and thousands can listen to it through their Auracast-compatible hearing aids, headphones or earbuds.

Are LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast protocols only for hearing aids?

No. The Low Energy Audio Bluetooth and Auracast are developed as the next level one to many communication protocols. They can be used to broadcast sound and music in concert halls, meetings, public places, pubs, and even small-scale broadcasting such as the soundtrack of your TV to several audiences using hearing aids headphones and earbuds at the same time.

Auracast for hearing aids and other devices on HearingNow UK

Are LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast hearing aids and their accessories already in the market (in 2024)?

Yes, hearing aid manufacturers have already started developing hearing aid accessories that work based on LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast. Resound TV Streamer Plus used LE Audio Bluetooth. That means that when installed and connected to your TV you can hear the TV soundtrack in your Nexia hearing aids, but anyone with LE Audio Bluetooth compatible hearing aids or headphones can also hear the sound from the TV. This is a great money saving while having fun for the whole family.

Which hearing aids are equipped with LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracst?

This is what the hearing aids market offers in mid-2024 in terms of advanced connectivity:

  1. Resound Nexia - LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracst

  2. Oticon Intent - LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracst

  3. Starkey Genesis Ai 24 - Only LE Audio Bluetooth

  4. Signia Pure Charge & Go IX - Only LE Audio Bluetooth

  5. Rexton Reach R-Li - Only LE Audio Bluetooth

  6. Widex Moment and WIdex SmartRIC - Only LE Audio Bluetooth

  7. Phonak Paradise and Phonak Lumity - None

How do I know if my hearing aids support LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast?

If you are not sure if your hearing aids support Auracast or LE Audio Bluetooth the best is to refer to the brochure of your hearing aids, check with your hearing care professional or search it online.

Why should I care about LE Audio Bluetooth and Auracast?

Most of the premium hearing aids come with a 5-year warranty and aftercare. Often they last more than that. I have patients who still have hearing aids in good working condition after 7 or 9 years. Soon there will be televisions and other group entertainment systems that use Auracast and LE Audio Bluetooth. If your hearing aids do not support the latest technology you may have paid a price that doesn't cover the future communication technology.



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