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The best hearing aids of 2024

Updated: Apr 12

Dr Cliff's top 2024 hearing aids are out and I thought I should share his video here with you. Read through this article and learn more about these top performers in the world of hearing aids in 2024.

The best hearing aids of 2024 are (in no particular order):

Here is a brief introduction to the best hearing aids of 2024. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Oticon Real 1 (best in high-frequency loss and wind-noise reduction)

Oticon Real is the top-of-the-range hearing aid technology by Oticon that works based on the Deep Neural Network concept (DNN), basically designed for the best integration with your brain neural network for ease of hearing. I love the wind noise cancellation of Oticon REAL 1 which makes it a hearing aid of choice for golfers and those spending a lot of time outdoors. Another special aspect of this hearing aid is its ability to provide the best high-frequency sound for the wearer, making it a competitive option for people with high-frequency hearing loss. My own experience with Oticon Real in improving speech in a noisy environment was not that impressive.

Resound Omnia 9 (speech understanding in noise)

With an improved 4.3 dB noise to signal improvement, Resound Omnia 9 is one of the best hearing aids for hearing speech in noisy environments. My patients adore the Resound Omnia 9 microRIE which is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid in the market with an induction rechargeable system. The charger is a portable power pack and supports you with 3 full charges, making this ideal for camping and travellers.

Besides all the above the user-friendly features of Resound Smart App made it the highest ranking of 4.0+ in the Apple Store.

My favourite unique feature of Resound Omnia that justifies putting it on the list of best 2024 hearing aids is the MRIE receivers. The MRIE receivers are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. They have an additional microphone right at the end of the receiver unit. This feature allows the hearing aid to take advantage of the natural amplification in the human ear (unlike other hearing aids that are placed behind the ear), it helps with sense of direction and it helps with wind-noise cancellation, pretty smart isn't it.? Read more about the MRIE technology here.

Signia Pure Charge & Go 7IX (speech understanding in noise)

Signia Pure Charge and Go series are among the smallest rechargeable hearing aids on the market. I trialled the Signia Pure 7IX and I am impressed with its ability in improving speech understanding in noisy places. The directional beaming effect was impressive. Another feature that I appreciate with Signia hearing aids is the sleeve domes. The sleeve domes provide a better fit, more comfortable and better retention in the ear especially for active lifestyle users.

Phonak Audeo Lumity L90 (connectivity to multiple Bluetooth)

In my experience, the Phonak Lumity is a well-engineered piece of technology. The highlight of Phonak Lumity is its ability to send the soundscape and tune the hearing aid for the best speech-understanding setting. Also as an audiologist, I appreciate that my hands are open to set the details of the hearing aid in every of the soundscapes easier than any other hearing aid.

Another unique feature of Phonak Lumity is its ability to connect to two devices through Bluetooth which makes like much easier when using them for streaming from my iPhone and my laptop. See our review on Bluetooth connectivity of premium hearing aids.

Starkey Genesis Ai 24 (speech understanding, music)

The Genesis platform is a complete rebuild of Starkey hearing aids technology. Genesis brings all the advanced features that Evolve has including double-tap, fall detection, hands-free phone calls and AI-aided speech understanding but faster and more effective.

My patients love Genesis CIC wireless which is the only CIC hearing aid in the market with Bluetooth connectivity. Besides the wireless connectivity for an almost invisible hearing aid, the Genesis series has the widest dynamic range for amplified sound makes them amazing for listening to live music. Read our full review on Starkey Genesis hearing aids in this article.

I have a pair of expensive hearing aids, how do I insure my hearing aids?

Please see this link for more guidance on hearing aid insurance.


Admittedly with so many high-technology hearing aids introduced in 2023, the competition among the rivals for the best hearing aids in 2024 is quite fierce. As always, my best advice to patients with hearing loss and those in the market to buy a new pair of premium hearing aids is to contact your local independent audiologist who can provide the opportunity to trial the named hearing aids on this page for you.

Have questions about any of the above hearing aids? Please call us today.

Update, February 2024:

Oticon released Oticon Intent which uses an elevated technology chipset and includes a 4D motion sensor that provides 35% better access to speech cues versus Oticon Real. Please read the full Oticon Intent review here.

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