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Update: Oticon ON app will retire soon

We would like to share the following update from Oticon about their hearing aid apps. In short, the Oticon On app will be retired in September 2023 and you'll be notified to install the Oticon Companion on your smartphone.

Here is the full update from Oticon.

Oticon ON App Discontinued

The Oticon ON smartphone app has served Oticon users well for several years, but it is time to say goodbye. ON app is not compatible with the upcoming iPhone iOS17 release, so it will soon be phased out.

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What does this mean for you?

8th September 2023 - All ON app users will receive a notification to move to the new Oticon Companion app*.

Expected 12th September - Apple phone users

When iPhone iOS 17 is released on the expected date of 12th September, the ON app will close down and users will be directed to install the Oticon Companion app*.

31st October - Android phone users

The ON app will close down on Android platforms, and users will be directed to install the Oticon Companion app*.

*Please note that some older Oticon hearing aids, namely Opn & Siya, may require a firmware update to version 6.1 for compatibility with Companion.

Companion App 1.2.1 The Oticon Companion app is compatible with all Oticon hearing aids, right back to Opn (FW 6.1 required). In August we released Companion 1.2.0, which includes great new features for Oticon Real users including Hearing Fitness, Remember Volume Settings and Sound Equalizer.

Oticon Companion 1.2.1 will be released on 7th September with the following updates: • Users can enjoy the new features of Oticon Real without having to reinstall the app. • Remaining battery time is shown in hours: minutes. • Connection and stability improvements.

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