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What to consider before purchasing your new pair of hearing aids?

Updated: Nov 27

A long-term user of Oticon ITE hearing aids (in-the-ear) came to my clinic last week and wanted to buy a new pair of hearing aids, this time a pair of RIC (receiver-in-canal). He inspired me to write this article so you can make an informed decision when you want to buy your next pair of new hearing aids. Please feel free to post your questions at the bottom of this article if they are not addressed here.

All you need to know about your next hearing aid

  1. Should I buy ITE or RIC hearing aids? What should I consider when choosing the style of my next hearing aid?

  2. Should I stay with the same brand of hearing aids?

  3. Where are hearing aids being sold over the counter in the UK?

  4. Which are the latest hearing aids in the UK in 2023?

  5. Are cheap hearing aids worth buying?

  6. Is there a downside to wearing hearing aids?

  7. What is a cheap alternative to a hearing aid?

  8. Are more expensive hearing aids better?

  9. Is it best to get hearing aids from an audiologist?

  10. Can I buy hearing aids in a monthly payment plan?

  11. What are the easiest hearing aids to put in?

  12. What type of hearing aid is most popular?

  13. What is the best hearing aid for clarity of speech?

  14. Are cheap hearing aids bad for your ears?

  15. What happens if I don't wear my hearing aids every day?

  16. What level of hearing loss requires a hearing aid?

  17. Will my hearing get worse if I don't wear a hearing aid?

  18. How long does it take for your brain to get used to hearing aids?

  19. Is it better to have one or two hearing aids?

  20. Which hearing aid is better analogue or digital?

  21. What is the most intelligent hearing aid?

  22. What is the most subtle hearing aid?

  23. What type of hearing aids are better for people with dexterity issues?

  24. Do invisible hearing aids support Bluetooth?

  25. Is it OK to wear hearing aids all day?

  26. Can I just buy a hearing aid?

  27. Why are hearing aids so expensive?

  28. Why are some hearing aids more expensive than others?

  29. Why does my hearing aid make everything sound tinny?

  30. What is the common problem with hearing aids?

  31. How many hours a day should I wear hearing aids?

  32. Can hearing aids restore hearing to 100%?

  33. Can hearing aids delay dementia?

  34. How many years does a hearing aid last?

  35. Are hearing aids free for pensioners UK?

  36. Are warranty and aftercare important in buying hearing aids?

  37. How do I know that I need hearing aids?

  38. I inherited a pair of good hearing aids, can I reprogram them for myself?

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Should I buy ITE or RIC hearing aids? What should I consider when choosing the style of my next hearing aid?

The style of hearing aids depends on several factors including the following four:

  1. The level of your hearing loss - The most important factor in the choice of style of your hearing aid is the type and the level of your hearing loss. My advice is to start with a hearing test. ITE and ITC hearing aids are more suitable for people with moderate to severe to profound hearing loss. Invisible CIC and IIC hearing aids are more suitable for moderate-range hearing