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What is the difference between Oticon MORE and Oticon REAL?

Updated: Nov 1

Oticon REAL become available to the UK market on the 8th of March 2023. But what are the differences between Oticon MORE and Oticon REAL? Continue reading to learn more.

Oticon MORE has already been the flagship of Oticon hearing aids since 2021. It was the most sophisticated hearing aid in the market and the first one that used the Oticon BrainThinking concept and deep neural network (DNN) technology. Oticon MORE hearing aids are so desirable and popular among hearing aid wearers that it is hard to find someone in the market for hearing aids who has not heard, tried or read about them.

So how does Oticon manage to build something better than Oticon MORE?

Here are the main advances from Oticon MORE to Oticon REAL:

  • Cancelling loud disturbing noises - Through very fast processing of received sound in its microphones, Oticon REAL is able to detect loud annoying sounds and suppress them. Examples of such sounds are the clattery sound of an open kitchen or the sound of forks and knives in a busy restaurant. The impression of such sound helps speech intelligibility in two layers. Firstly eliminating loud sounds helps the listener to have a better concentration on the speech and following the discussion, but more importantly, suppressing such sound with a fast release time would remove the fading effect of an impression on the spectrum of the speech signal, making the wearer of the hearing aids to receive more of the speech signal as well as hearing it more clear.

  • Cancelling soft disturbing noises - Putting and removing your glasses or brushing your hair might make a soft disturbing sound. Oticon REAL is programmed to remove these soft annoying sounds.

  • Wind noise cancellation - Oticon REAL takes a different approach to cancelling wind noise. This technique works based on the time difference of the received wind noise signal when it hits the two or multiple microphones on each hearing aid. Oticon REAL provides a better hearing experience in outdoor situations through a better wind cancellation technique.

As you noticed Oticon REAL is pushing the limit in a better hearing experience and understanding speech in noisy environments even further than its predecessor Oticon MORE. See the Oticon hearing aids price list here.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions about Oticon REAL, or if you wish to try them in one of our London clinics. You may want to take a look at this article if you are in the market for a pair of new premium hearing aids in the UK.

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