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What makes Rexton's hearing aids special? A quick review on Rexton hearing aids.

Updated: 4 days ago

Rexton is a new kid on the hearing care block in the UK. Read through to learn if Rexton hearing aids are a good option for you.

Rexton hearing aids have been in the domain of hearing care since 1955, so they are not new in the market, just they are new to the United Kingdom. Rexton was bought by WSA Audiology which owns Widex and Signia hearing aids. The move to acquire Rexton was strategic and commercially driven. WSA Audiology rebrands Signia technology for the mid to low-end of the consumer market. That's why Rexton initially focused on the US low-end market as well as several developing nations such as South Africa, Turkey, South American markets and so on. In a new strategy, WSA is gradually introducing Rexton to the UK and other developed markets as a no-frill solution for budget-sensitive customers.

Rexton hearing aids are available in battery-powered as well as rechargeable versions. They are Bluetooth-enabled, built-in AI Assistant (artificial intelligence) that allows minor adjustments done by the user on the go, and with a portable power pack charger. Rexton Bi-Core series is slick, undoubtedly the smallest rechargeable RIC and besides Signia the only hearing aid that offers tinnitus notch therapy.

Here is the list of Q/A about Rexton's hearing aids:

  1. What are the main features of Rexton hearing aids?

  2. What styles are available for Rexton hearing aids?

  3. Do Rexton hearing aids support tinnitus notch therapy?

  4. Is Rexton's hearing aids robust?

  5. What are the warranty and aftercare for Rexton hearing aids in the UK?

  6. How is battery performance in Rexton Bi-Core rechargeable hearing aids?

  7. Why Rexton hearing aids are cheaper than other premium hearing aids?

  8. Is there a smartphone app for Rexton hearing aids?

  9. What is the functionality of the Rexton hearing aids app?

  10. How do Rexton's hearing aids help speech understanding in noisy places?

  11. How does Rexton Assist AI help speech recognition in noisy environments?

  12. Can Rexton's hearing aids be reprogrammed remotely?

  13. Can Rexton's hearing aids be tuned to remove my voice?

  14. How can I get how-to videos of my Rexton hearing aids?

  15. What is the price range of Rexton hearing aids?

  16. What are the different features of Rexton hearing aids with different technology levels?

What are the main features of Rexton hearing aids?

  • High-Resolution Soundpro - Using a combination of inputs including real-time motion data and sound directionality, High-Resolution Soundpro continuously adjusts the sound settings to provide the most reliable impression of your environment, automatically.

  • Motion Sensor - Features an integrated real-time motion sensor that detects your movements to even more accurately determine your hearing situation.

  • My Voice - Recognises your specific voice pattern and integrates it seamlessly into what you hear. This creates a natural-sounding reflection of your own voice that makes communicating easier.

  • Intelligent Feedback Preventer - Identifies feedback at a high speed. Lets wearers rely on and enjoy a whistle-free hearing experience.

  • Voice Ranger - Maintains the natural loudness of the target speaker compared to competing voices in the environment. Easier one-on-one listing in noisy situations.

  • Stereo iLock - Technology that allows for a very narrow directional listing beam focusing on the front. Improves the signal-to-noise ratio in difficult listening environments.

  • Wireless Streaming - Stream audio from smartphones, TVs or devices wirelessly to the hearing aids; directly or via the transmitter.

  • Dynamic Extender - Increases the dynamic range of sounds. Enhance the sound quality, especially important when listening to music.

  • Rechargeability - With their rechargeable hearing aids, Rexton spare the hassle of battery changing and also does good for the environment. The advanced lithium-ion technology can give you up to 61 hours of wear time on a single charge (depending on the hearing aid model).

What styles are available for Rexton hearing aids?

Rexton hearing aids are available in CIC (receiver in the canal), BTE and RIC styles. The nice thing about Rexton M-Core iX-CIC invisible hearing aids is that they are small, in the ear canal, and they support tinnitus notch therapy with patients with tonal tinnitus who are looking for a pair of invisible hearing aids with tinnitus notch therapy.

Do Rexton hearing aids support tinnitus notch therapy?

Yes, Rexton and |Signia hearing aids use the same algorithm to help alleviate tinnitus through tinnitus-notch therapy for tonal tinnitus. Please read more about