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How Does Rexton Reach improve speech understanding in a noisy environment?

Rexton published a white paper entailing the research results on its Rexton Reach technology platform. The test results elaborate on how the Rexton Reach multi-voice focus system improves speech understanding in the presence of background noise. This article is a summary of the white paper. Download the Rexton Reach white paper here.

Note: Rexton is owned by WSA Audiology SA, the same parent company of Widex and Signia.

How Rexton Reach improves your speech understanding in noisy environments - hearingnow uk

Figure 1 - MVF technology in Rexton Reach hearing aids

As one of the most affordable hearing aids in the UK market, you may see Rexton as a poor choice for hearing speech in a noisy environment. That is not true.

Rexton Reach hearing aids use the same technology as Signia Pure Charge and Go IX (Integrated Xperience). They are made in Denmark (or Germany) and offer a superior speech understanding in noisy environments. Read through this article to learn about Rexton Reach hearing aids.


Just before the multi-speaker tracking technology introduced by Signia and Rexton in 2024, both companies had their flagship hearing aids use the front focus beaming with a dual-processor. Front focus to reduce the background and unwanted noise from the sides and behind the listener, and dual processor to separate the human speech and noise, process them separately and then combine them again before this signal is passed to the speaker in the ear canal of the wearer.

The above technology was branded under Signia Pure Charge and Go AX and Rexton BiCore in the Signia and Rexton range of hearing aids respectively.

SPT technology hired in Rexton BiCore hearing aids - HearingNow

Figure 2 - SPT technology in Rexton BiCore hearing aids

Step forward

AWS Audiology SA (the parent company of Signia and Rexton) saw the need to elevate the confidence and reliability of hearing experience in dynamic listening situations. They categorise a dynamic challenging hearing environment as one where the listener has to listen to and understand multiple speakers in front of him/her in the presence of background noise.

When we think about multiple-speaker scenarios, we can picture a group of friends at a café having an active discussion. Or maybe we can picture someone in the food service industry talking with different customers from different directions while there is activity coming from the rear direction. Or maybe a parent talking with children at a busy playground. In all of these situations, it is unrealistic to think everyone is taking turns talking to the hearing aid user and allowing ample time for the hearing aid user to face the speaker. In this case, although a narrow directional beam will highlight the speaker, other comments or the initial change in speakers will be missed. Conversely, if we allow the directionality to be too lax (more omnidirectional) then competing noise from all angles will begin to interfere and impede the audibility of the speech signal. In these cases, a directional system that can adapt to multiple speakers is required.

Rexton Multi-Voice Focus technology (MVF)

Rexton multi-voice-focus or MVF is the new technology used in Rexton Reach hearing aids. Here is MVF in simple words:

  • Rexton Reach MVF scans the area in front of the hearing aid wearer 1,000 times a second in search of human speech.

  • It activates up to four focus beams towards the speaker in front; these beams follow the speaker

  • It separates the speech from background noise to help hear the speech signal better by the hearing aid wearer.

Is there any evidence-based result supporting Rexton Reach improves speech understanding in a noisy environment?

In-house laboratory tests were conducted to test the MVF technology of Rexton Reach hearing aids. The result shows that the multi-voice focus technology improves speech understanding by an improvement of 10 to 13 dB in SNR (signal-to-noise ratio). Please read the full Rexton Reach whitepaper here.

Rexton Reach improved SNR for people with hearing loss and poor hearing speech in noisy places - HearingNow UK

Figure 3 - Improvement in SNR with Rexton Reach

In another test, the Rexton MVF technology proved to improve speech understanding with a higher SNR factor when the VMF technology was switched on. 90 per cent of the contentants who tested Rexton Reach reported that when the MVF was on they noticed an improvement in speech understanding versus when the MVF was switched off. See Figure 4 for more details.

Rexton Reach MVF improved SNR for better speech understanding in a noisy environment - HearingNow UK

Figure 4 - Improved in SNR with Rexton Reach MVF technology

I was not surprised to see the report stating that the closed fitting of Rexton Reach resulted in a higher speech understanding score compared to patients who had an open-fitting Rexton fitted. A closed fitting allows the MVF and directionality to improve the SNR of the speech better

How do Rexton Reach hearing aids do in the real world?

As part of the research, 78 respondents including 31 females and 47 males between the ages of 20 and 89 years old were picked from the US, Germany, Taiwan, the UK, Australia and Italy to compare Rexton Reach with their hearing aids (from different marks and made.

On the satisfaction questions, positive satisfaction was determined to be responses of “somewhat satisfied,” “satisfied,” or “very satisfied.” As shown in Figure 12, the Reach platform outperformed the respondents’ existing hearing aids in all six satisfaction categories. See Figure 5.

Satisfaction rate of Rexton Reach hearing aids among users versus other hearing aids - HearingNow UK

Figure 5 - Satisfaction rating, Rexton hearing aids versus others

Is Rexton Reach ready for future advanced connectivity?

Yes, Rexton Reach hearing aids are ready for Low-Energy Bluetooth Audio (LE BT) which is expected to roll out in other consumer products such as televisions. When rolled out you will be able to hear the TV soundtrack straight to your Rexton Reach hearing aids with no other intermediary systems needed (such as a TV streamer). The LE Bluetooth technology offers better streaming sound quality while using less battery from your Rexton Reach. Please read more about future connectivity technologies in hearing aids here.

Please get in touch with us for a free Zoom online consultation if you have any questions about Rexton Reach or other models of Rexton hearing aids.


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