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Custom Resound ITC and ITE hearing aids

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

ITE and ITC hearing aids are not for everyone, until recently. Signia Insio was the first in-the-ear rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, but Custom by Resound took ITE/ITC hearing aids to the next level.

The highlight of this week was helping a patient with his choice of hearing aids who landed on custom-made by Resound. It was love at first sight. I think he had made up his mind before stepping into the clinic. He just needed the confirmation of an audiologist.

This is his audiogram; asymmetrical mixed mild to severe hearing loss. An accident in childhood made severe hearing loss in the right ear.

Resound fitting software confirmed that the ITC would cover nicely the range of the hearing loss (see below). A pair of RICs could also do the job but another life/work consideration was that the patient was a handyman. The day-to-day work needed a lot of up and down and work with different tools and machinery. He needed to be able to put and remove safety glasses and other protective equipment such as ear protectors hence anything behind the ear didn't get high merit.

Custom-made by Resound felt to be a natural option! It is in-the-canal, rechargeable, Bluetooth ready and the sound is Resound One class quality.

Learn about what should you consider when buying a new pair of hearing aids in the UK.


September 2023: Signia introduced the very first rechargeable CIC hearing aids in September 2023. The Signia Silk IX rechargeable CIC is an invisible CIC hearing aid that has a uni microphone speech beam focus technique as well as the multi-speech streaming capability of the Signia Integrated Xperience platform. Read more about Signia Silk IX here.

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