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Why is the Signia SILK IX CIC hearing aid a big deal? A review on Signia Silk and Signia price list!

Updated: Apr 3

Signia announced the very first rechargeable invisible CIC under their SILK platform of CIC hearing aids in September 2023. This is a big deal, continue reading to know why.

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As part of their announcement, Signia introduced the very first easy-fit, rechargeable CIC to the market last week. The hearing aid has a few unique specifications that might be of interest to those looking for rechargeable invisible CIC hearing aids.

Here is a list of the reasons why the Signia SILK IX rechargeable CIC hearing aid is a big deal. Please find the Signia price list here.

Do Signia Silk IX hearing aids need ear impression-taking?

Signia Silk family of hearing aids have come a long way from the early tech levels of NX, then X (for Xperience) and now IX (for Integrated Xperience). One of the attributes of these hearing aids is that they are invisible completely in the canal (or CIC), but they do not need ear impression taking. Four different sizes of sleeve jacket domes are available for Signia Silk IX which virtually makes them ready to fit outside the box for any size ear canal.

Are Signia Silk IX hearing aids rechargeable or battery-powered?

Signia Silk IX hearing aids are complete-in-canal hearing aids and at the time of this article are only in rechargeable version. Silk Charge&Go IX can be charged on the go with a sleek, pocket-sized case with an integrated power bank that provides up to four additional charges and can be charged wirelessly (Qi) for added convenience.

It takes 3 hours for the charger unit to be fully charged. When fully charged the charger unit is able to provide a full charge of a pair of Signia Silk IX four times.

It only takes 30 minutes for Signia Silk IX rechargeable hearing aids to be fully charged and when fully charged they provide about 7 hours of hearing.

What are the colour options for the Signia Silk IX?

Signia Silk IX rechargeable CIC hearing aids come in black and mocha. Please see below.

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What is the difference between different technology levels of Signia SILK IX hearing aids?

Like other family members in Signia Integrated Xperience, the Signia Silk IX comes in 3 technology levels, 7IX, 5IX and 3IX. The Conversation Dynamic Analyser is the most critical element in the differences in different tech levels as this is the element that allows Signia Silk IX to lock on the conversation in multi-streaming form. The \Conversation Dynamic Analyser and the Spatial SpeechFocus work best at the 7IX tech level. See below comparison table below. Please see the Signia price list here.

If you have an active life with a lot of conversation in groups and in noisy backgrounds then I'd recommend considering Signia Silk 7IX.

comparison table ot signia ix rechargeable cic on hearingnow online hearing aids store

Where can I learn more about Signia IX hearing aid features?

Please learn more about the features of Signia Silk IX hearing aids on the Signia website.

Does Signia Silk IX do beamfocusing for speech?

Signia Silk IX is the only CIC hearing aid in the market that offers Binaural OneMic Directionality to focus on a speaker in complex listening environments. See the below video for the concept of multi-streaming speech focus technology used in Signia IX hearing aids.

Can I order a pair of invisible hearing aids without making ear impressions?


  • Rexton UK announced the availability of Rexton Reach inoX Li invisible CIC hearing aids in April 2024. The product holds the same technology and sound quality as Signia SILK rechargeable CIC but at a lower price range. Both products are designed for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. Rexton Reach inoX rechargeable CIC hearing aids come in 80, 60 and 40 technology levels where 80 is the highest level of the technology. They hold a charge for up to 24 hours and benefit from a portable charger unit.

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