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How can I connect Phonak Titanium's invisible hearing aids to a TV streamer?

Updated: May 11

I had a consultation with a dear patient this week about connecting a pair of invisible Phonak Titanium IIC hearing aids to a TV streamer. Continue reading this article to learn more about if this is possible and how.

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I am not a huge fan of invisible hearing aids (contact me to tell you why?), but a lot of people love invisible IIC and CIC hearing aids because they are small and almost invisible. But the vanity comes with a price tag (or compromise). Except for Starkey Genesis CIC which was introduced in late 2023, there is no other IIC or CIC hearing aid that can directly connect to a TV streaming device, hence a poor chance to hear TV sound stream in your tiny invisible hearing aids. But there is a trick for Phonak Titanium.

How can I connect my Phonak Titanium invisible hearing aids to a TV streamer?

By default, Phonak Paradise Titanium hearing aids come with no telecoil system, but when ordering them you can ask your audiologist to make sure that Phonak install a telecoil system in them (subject to availability of room, and again depends on the size of your ear canal). If your Phonak Titanium hearing aids have a telecoil system in them then you can purchase a Roger Neckloop necklace which will bridge between your Phonak titanium hearing aids and a Phonak Roger On, or a Phonak TV streamer, voila!

I have a pair of Phonak Titanium hearing aids, how do I insure my hearing aids?

Please see this link for more guidance on hearing aid insurance.


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